UKAD: Thompson Failed Drug Test After David Price KO

The American heavyweight, who stopped Price in both February and July 2013, then tested positive for a drug which is classified as a diuretic and masking agent. After the second defeat, Price, 32, split with trainers Franny Smith and Lennox Lewis, promoter Kellie Maloney, who cried at the result, and began using a sports psychologist. [...]

Drug Courts: Criminal Approach to a Public Health Issue

Advocates and criminal justice reformers often argue that coercive or forced drug and alcohol treatment as an alternative to prison is far more humane than incarceration, but they ignore the fact that once "diagnosed an addict" by the courts, participants will never escape that diagnosis. Shear placement in drug treatment court means that the participant will receive treatment whether actually medically indicated or not and will leave the program with a medical diagnosis that may be unwarranted. [...]

More than 60 drug-drivers face prosecution for exceeding test limits...

MORE than 60 drivers under the influence of drugs were arrested during Merseyside Police's month-long summer road safety campaign. New laws meant for the first time motorists could be arrested if tests showed drugs were present in their blood stream. [...]

Students Subject To Drug Testing

The Dade County Board of Education traditionally holds only one meeting in July of each year instead of the two, one work session and one regular meeting that they have normally. [...]

Dog-fight convict loses animal

A Toledo woman convicted of dog fighting was ordered Tuesday to relinquish custody of her dog as part of her sentence, but the order came too late for the "pit bull"/a mastiff mix named Boomer. Gary Willoughby, executive director of the Toledo Area Humane Society, which had removed Boomer from a Moore Street home in October, said the dog was killed in mid-June. [...]

Tests show drug use rampant in West Coast workforce

Illicit drug use is rampant in the West Coast workforce, with methamphetamine the drug of choice, according to recent tests. Figures supplied by the agency yesterday show 23.8 per cent of workers drug tested on the West Coast last year had tested positive for methamphetamine use; the national average is 14.3 per cent. [...]

Drugged animals disqualified, kids punished at Indiana State Fair

Decades after the Indiana State Fair introduced a drug testing program to prevent cheating, 13 Investigates has discovered all of the top prize-winners in the 2014 Indiana State Fair sheep competition have been stripped of their titles. Industry experts say high stakes and intense competition drives a disturbing trend at some of the nation's largest and most prestigious livestock shows, which could jeopardize the food on your table. [...]

Mejia suspended 162 games for second failed drug test

Jenrry Mejia has been suspended 162 games for his second failed drug test, Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com reported . Earlier this season, Mejia - who was already ineligible for the 2015 postseason - missed 80 games while serving a suspension for his first failed test when he tested positive for the steroid stanozolol. [...]

Widow wants accountability after husband's death on job

A woman whose husband was killed almost two years ago by a drunk driver is seeking justice for his death. Widow wants accountability after husband's death on job ATLANTA - A woman whose husband was killed almost two years ago by a drunk driver is seeking justice for his death. [...]

Can she be - 1% of heroin addicts' who turn it around?

They hugged her and smiled. Family members congratulated her. Convicted of selling heroin in the vicinity of a school, Hall has the chance to prove she can be a success story during her three years of probation. [...]

Terminally ill parolee returned to jail

A terminally ill man who breached his parole conditions by taking drugs was sentenced to a month in prison at the Blenheim District Court on Monday. Richard Steven Maddock, 54, of Blenheim, was released from prison on April 28 but returned after he failed a drug test on May 29, indicating there was an amphetamine-like substance in his system. [...]

Family Court orders parents to stop smoking around six-year-old son

A Family Court judgment that ordered the parents of a six-year-old to refrain from smoking around their son reflects an increasing tendency of the court to make specific orders in the interests of children's health, researchers say. Judge Jenny Hogan made 42 parenting orders, including that the parents do not drink to the point of intoxication in the boy's presence, after the mother made a series of complaints about the father's behaviour, hygiene and parenting style. [...]

Shakhtar midfielder Fred fails doping test

Shakhtar midfielder Fred has reportedly failed a doping test carried out whilst on international duty with Brazil at the Copa Amrica. The information revealed by Foxsports has not been confirmed by the CBF, but the player has supposedly tested positive for a hydrochlorothiazide, a diuretic that is considered to be a doping product. [...]

Kentucky Department of Ag investigating Beech Bend accident

"The state ride inspectors have been at the park today and the investigation is ongoing," said Beech Bend Park Manager, Charlotte Gonzalez. "We'll look at the ride itself, we'll take statements from the ride operator, any witnesses. [...]

Oregon TV Anchor Fired After Testing Positive for Marijuana

Cyd Maurer, a morning weekend anchor at Eugene's ABC affiliate KEZI-TV, said she was fired in May after getting into a minor accident while on assignment. In a video posted online, Maurer said that after the accident she was forced to take a drug test per company policy and failed it. [...]